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3 Alternative Movie Streaming Sites for Coke and Popcorn

After the assertion of the Coke and Popcorn that the site is voluntarily shutting down, you may be searching for similar online streaming websites to continue watching your favorite TV shows and movies. To help you out with this, we’ve found 3 sites with the largest variety of videos provided on the internet with high quality and minimum buffering issues. Though they do not offer the exact same features as Coke and Popcorn, still you can conveniently watch your movies on them in the comfort of your home.

Here are the 3 Alternative for Coke and Popcorn

The site has a great variety of videos just like Coke and Popcorn with search options regarding genre, most popular, most reviewed and newly added. In order to watch the videos, you need to sign in with your Google+, Facebook & Twitter accounts. A plus point of using SnagFilms is that it provides tailored experience, as you’re suggested with kinds of movies according to your choice, even if they’re not in the same genre. The videos are of high quality as most of them can be watched in 1080p. Also, the videos have all necessary player options like modifying the volume, moving or forwarding the video, watching in full-screen mode and changing the video quality. This website includes very little amount of advertisements in its videos, you may have to watch two or three during the movies, but they are comparatively slim and take about 2-3 seconds.

This website organizes all of its videos in multiple categories, more than 35, for the users to easily find the ones they’re looking for. It offers both rented and free online streaming movies and TV shows. Though the video quality is not consistent with each movie, still all look great and most of them are high definition. You get to have the option of sharing the videos over 200 platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. At the start of all videos, there is a 20-30 second ad for the viewers to watch along with multiple others during the movie. Other than these interruptions, the videos don’t take time for buffering or loading as they’re ready to watch as soon as the ‘play’ option is clicked.

Yidio doesn’t only provide self-hosted videos but also links some free streaming movies to other sites, such as Crackle, Amazon or Netflix etc. Now that you do not have Coke and Popcorn, create a free account on Yidio, get your favorites list and have notifications whenever the new episodes of your chosen TV shows are available online. You can also add your movies in a queue to watch them all in one place. Yidio is also available as an app for Android and iOS, so you can check it out from your mobile too.

There you have them. These are the best three alternatives of Coke and Popcorn that can keep you updated about all the new movies and TV Shows online.

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